I know I said that my New Year’s Affirmation (not resolution) was to do at least one positive thing a day. I remember, I was there when I said it. However, what I was not taking into account was the fact that my children’s father is a life-sucking, soul-destroying, minion of the deepest bowels of hell.

It is extremely difficult for me to be positive when there is someone so overwhelmingly NEGATIVE in my life. I will put it to you this way, if Mother Teresa and him were alone  together in the same room for 15 minutes, Mother Teresa would come out of the room wanting to find the nearest gun to either shoot herself or him to insure that such a situation would never happen again in life. By the way, that is me spinning him in a positive light.

My hope is that when I am reincarnated (if such a thing exists, and I tend to think it does) my soul will have learned the lessons it was supposed to in this life because there is no way in hell I am going to spend another lifetime with someone like him in it. I will just say goodbye and bow out of it.

Thank you blog for letting me spew the venom that infests my soul whenever I have to be around him.