Okay, after what happened in Connecticut today, I can be silent no longer. We need stricter gun control laws in this country.

What do I mean by that? Private citizens should not be able to own guns. Period, bottom line, end of story.

I am so tired of seeing innocent people lose their lives because of some psycho who was legally able to obtain (in most cases) multiple guns and then go on a shooting rampage.

There have been 61 mass killings in the US since the Columbine massacre, including today’s massacre in Newtown Connecticut. How many more do there need to be before we get the picture? How many?

After the sheer number of mass killings in the US, how many other deliberate shootings take place every day here in the United States? How many people shoot a “loved one” in a domestic violence situation? How many suicides involving guns happen every day? How many accidental shootings are there in the United States every day? 

If private citizens did not own guns, 98 percent of these killings would be unable to occur. Yes, I am aware of the arguments that if someone wanted to kill someone else bad enough, they would find a way. However, it is a lot harder to accomplish a mass killing without a gun.