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So, New Year’s Day was a week ago. I have kept my affirmations. I worked out most of the days of this week. I actually cleaned my house and I am not ashamed to have people come in. I am still trying to find a job, and am hoping that a new company coming to Sioux Falls will be the right fit. All in all, I think that my first week of 2012 has been great. I am even eating healthier but within my budget too so it’s not a LOT healthier, but still a little healthier. Week 2…BRING IT!!!


I believe that there is nothing we can’t laugh at. Laughter is what helps us keep our sanity. Laughter makes our hearts lighter and reminds us that as long as there is something to laugh at, something is still right in this world.¬†

My family is full of people who always go for the joke. When I was seventeen, my dad died. After his funeral, my thirteen year old cousin Danny disappeared for a while. When he emerged from the bedroom he had holed himself up in, he was dressed in one of my sister’s dresses, hair curled and full make-up on. Everyone in the room burst out laughing, and nobody would have appreciated it more than my dad himself.¬†

Laughter is, to me, every bit as important as eating or breathing. The day I don’t appreciate a good joke or seeing a guy on tv take a good shot to the crotch and laugh my ass off, is the day they will have to put me in the ground. When that happens, I hope there is someone around to go for the joke. I hope everybody remembers to laugh, and laugh hard at every funny memory they have of me, because sure as shit, I will be laughing my ass off at them.

Have a great day everybody, and always remember to laugh.

Soul Destroying Assholes

I know I said that my New Year’s Affirmation (not resolution) was to do at least one positive thing a day. I remember, I was there when I said it. However, what I was not taking into account was the fact that my children’s father is a life-sucking, soul-destroying, minion of the deepest bowels of hell.

It is extremely difficult for me to be positive when there is someone so overwhelmingly NEGATIVE in my life. I will put it to you this way, if Mother Teresa and him were alone  together in the same room for 15 minutes, Mother Teresa would come out of the room wanting to find the nearest gun to either shoot herself or him to insure that such a situation would never happen again in life. By the way, that is me spinning him in a positive light.

My hope is that when I am reincarnated (if such a thing exists, and I tend to think it does) my soul will have learned the lessons it was supposed to in this life because there is no way in hell I am going to spend another lifetime with someone like him in it. I will just say goodbye and bow out of it.

Thank you blog for letting me spew the venom that infests my soul whenever I have to be around him.

I did my 2nd workout today. Yay me! I did another 20 minute yoga workout. I find yoga to be perfect for me at this stage of my newly formed determination to get fit. It is challenging for me, but still easy enough that I want to keep doing it. Challenging enough for me to break a sweat, but easy enough for me to not get discouraged with how I am doing. I think this is wonderful. Not to mention the added benefit of quietly focusing on breathing and trying to achieve the correct form. I am sure that I made the right choice with yoga.