I have 2 kids whom I love very much. They were born 11 years apart, and while some people might think this is a bad thing, I have come to realize that spacing them out that far (never my intention) was the best thing for all of us.

Each of them got to be my favorite. There was never any sibling rivalry between them because they are so far apart in age. Mike was old enough that he was a wonderful help to me with Katie when she was a baby. On the weekends and during summer vacation from school, he would often get up with her during the night so I didn’t have to do it. What a wonderful kid he is. Now, Mike is grown up and has a son of his own. He is an amazing dad, and I always knew he would be simply because of the fact that he always took such great care of Katie.

I am a lucky woman to have the kids that I have. They are my reason for getting up every day. They are my joy and my happiness in this life. If anything ever happened to either one of them it would absolutely kill me. When I die, I will die knowing that I have fulfilled my purpose in life in raising my 2 wonderful kids.